1. Installing nd

nd requires the libgsl-dev C library, so make sure you have it installed before installing nd. You can find out whether it is installed by checking if the command gsl-config exists on your machine.

You may also want to install the GDAL library, but rasterio comes with a stripped down version of GDAL so for most use cases this should not be necessary.

The easiest way to install nd is via pip from PyPI:

pip install numpy
pip install nd

You can also install the latest version from Github:

pip install git+https://github.com/jnhansen/nd

1.1. Rebuilding the C extensions from Cython

In case you want to rebuild the C extensions from the .pyx files, you need to install the additional dependencies cython and cythongsl. With those are installed, pip install will automatically regenerate the C files prior to compilation.